How Can Stress Fractures be Prevented?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014, 8:04 pm

Stress fractures are a common, sports-related overuse injury that typically appears in the leg bones, ankles, and feet. They occur when the muscles surrounding bone in the lower extremities become fatigued, with a high demand still being placed on the area. Over time, the stress from this impact is transferred from the fatigued muscle to the bone, which can cause hairline fractures. Athletes participating in tennis, track and field, gymnastics, and basketball are the most likely to suffer from stress fractures.

Stress fractures generally only cause pain during activity, with it subsiding during periods of rest. Early treatment is favored in stress fractures, as they generally will not heal on their own certain lifestyle changes are made. Sometimes, a doctor will recommend the patient not bare weight on the fracture for 6-8 weeks for optimal healing. Re-injury can be devastating to a stress fracture, and may even prohibit it from healing properly.

Tips for Preventing Stress Fractures

  1. Set incremental goals for sports and exercise. If you decide you want to train to run a 5K, do not attempt to run the 5K on your first day of training. Start slowly, and only go a short distance. Pushing your body too far and too fast can place elevated levels of stress on your muscles, which can weaken your bones.
  2. Cross training is a must. If you're training to run, only run on even numbered days. Since the goal here is cardio, on odd numbered days ride a bike. The same goal is being achieved but different muscles are being worked.
  3. Wear the appropriate gear for your sport or workout. Wearing tattered, worn-out sneakers can increase stressful conditions on your body.
  4. After exercise, take some time to rest and apply ice to sore muscles.
  5. Practice healthy eating habits. Try eating foods rich in vitamin-D and calcium to support bone health.

Stress Fracture Treatment in Astoria

To learn more about stress fractures, contact Dr. Katechis to schedule a consultation, or visit us today. Walk-ins are always welcome at our office in Astoria. You can reach us directly at (718) 204-7550. We look forward to meeting you.


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